history and positionning

Our adventure begins in 2002 with the Omnicom Group as a consulting firm specializing in sales strategy and development. During 9 years, we nurture a strategic as well as an operational know-how, while developing our international expertise.

Always led by our beliefs, and devoted to our work, we become independent and launch INVALIO in 2011. 

Capitalizing on a substantial experience, INVALIO is a french-based international consulting firm, expert in driving sales performance.



Our purpose is to guide and assist our clients on all possible levers, so as to accelerate and maximize sales performance and transformation, and increase profit on the short term.

We maximize our clients' sales performance thanks to a pragmatic approach and genuine operational solutions. Our daily job consists in identifying performance potential and growth opportunities, and implement them in the field through new sales and distribution channels, optimization of existing channels or outsourcing of sales teams.



INVALIO combines consulting and solution implementation in a double expertise based on 3 sales performance key factors: 

  1. Modes and marketing/sales networks
  2. Processes, methodologies, managerial and commercial tools
  3. Competencies in «  sales and customer relation » 


our approach

IDENTIFY : analyze and detect sales performance optimization levers

DESIGN : create or optimize sales organizations and resources

ROLL-OUT : develop sales channels; create methodologies and tools; train, assist and coach sales managers and teams 




A NETWORK OF 300 consultants, TRAINERS and coachEs IN 50 COUNTRIES

Multidisciplinary professionals, dedicated to their work, rich of a sustainable field experience and experts in sales, distribution and customer relation.

Quickly reactive professionals to ensure the local and cultural success of global projects

Team members who share the INVALIO methods and values