Sales operations efficiency




In a constantly changing economic environment, sales operations evolve and become more and more complex.

Organizations are thus pressured to rapidly adjust their sales approach to achieve growth and success.

Nevertheless, transformation cannot occur abruptly. Sales transformation should undergo a deep and progressive structural change, allowing strategy and operations to connect, as well as improving qualitative and quantitative results.

To meet the new efficiency and sales transformation requirements,  sales organizations and methodologies have to be redefined, while sales force competencies have to be reinforced.

Sales Directions must then precisely define the necessary needs and resources to support sales forces, so that these can be perceived as one of the main drivers of a company's competitive advantage and success.



We assist you, selectively or wholly, in creating and implementing sales management transformation projects based on 6 key principles/fundamentals :                                                                          

  1. Ensure definition and communication of a clear sales strategy
  2. Maintain consistency in implementing the different components of sales operations 
  3. Involve management as a genuine catalyst for talent development and performance
  4. Mobilize sales forces to be enthusiastic about selling and creativity
  5. Provide sales tools and methodologies that are simple yet top quality, pragmatic and innovative 
  6. Sustain participatory processes to associate and empower sales networks in the long term.



Operational commercial performance diagnosis :

  • Sales culture and practices, processes and methodologies, tools and new technologies maturity level
  • Roles and activities of sales populations according to  customer / prospect segments , managerial and sales competencies, quality of the relationships between companies and sales networks 

Creation of sales action plans or "go-to-market" strategy through sales channels :

  • Key accounts, sales forces, retail network, call centers...

Sales performance program design :

  • Sales Force Effectiveness or Sales Force Excellence programs
  • Change Management program
  • Job repositories, processes and sales/customer relation methodologies, KPI's
  • Management tools and tool box : activity evaluation and action plan, sales performance monitoring , team support and coaching
  • Sales and digital tools : customer information/knowledge and targeting , prospect/customer segment management (differentiated approaches, duration, visits, sales pitch..), planning and reporting/tracking ...
  • Groups of collaborative intelligence and creativity, sharing of best practices, project communication

National and international roll-out :

  • Sales transformation programs implementation and monitoring by professional consultants, experts in sales / distribution networks / customer relation
  • Local program content adjustment by consultants specialized in running international projects
  • Workshops with local management teams : sales action priority definition, PMO definition (improvement plan, result and project follow-up KPIs)

Sales Force outsourcing

  • Sales force recruitment and management
  • Types/examples of job descriptions :
    • key accounts managers
    • B2B and B2C itinerant sales force 
    • distribution networks recruiters and team leaders
    • sales development program managers