Sales strategy optimization



Organizations are nowadays facing numerous challenges : economy globalization, fierce competition, new markets emergence, innovation acceleration, new IT development, customer expertise and volatility. 
In a constantly changing environment, organizations must react. Sales practices are redefined, and both sales and distribution methods are multiplied, from key account selling through digital selling and distant distribution partners. Aligning multichannel sales management with multichannel marketing is becoming the benchmark model. 
That is why organizations must base their development strategy on a relevant marketing channels mix to fulfill their objectives and reach better results. Sustainability and competitiveness will depend on an organization's ability to define and implement the best sales strategy in a sales multichannel context.


We assist you in maximizing your sales strategy or the performance of your sales and distribution channels, both in the french or international markets.
Our mission consists in identifying performance potential and growth opportunities, then define and implement sales methods most relevant to your customer profile, to increase profit in the short-term and reach the best return on investment.


Sales management strategy strengthening

  • 360°analysis of sales management system
  • Evaluation of growth potential
  • Assistance in defining and modeling sales strategy in a multichannel sales approach

Sales organization optimization

  • Evaluation of sales and distribution management performance
  • Identification of growth potential and development opportunities 
  • Design of organizational schemes  : key accounts, sales force, in house retail network , distributors, distant selling channels, sales support functions: 
    • sizing, territory, location and allotment of customer portfolio

Distribution channels creation

  • Creation, organization and development of new concepts : retail shops, websites.

​ Distribution network diversification

  • Targeting and selection of potential distribution channels :
    • strategic, operational and feasibility screenings / distributors data base​

International development

  • Export evaluation
  • Identification of priority goals for export development
  • Target markets studies
  • Choice of approach modes and appropriate distribution channels
  • Product/market mix and consistency